Blog Posts

Building Dynamic Breadcrumbs in Next.js App Router

Putting the pieces together to add breadcrumbs to a Next.js App Router project via Parallel Routes.


What Are Preview Environments?

An introduction to what Preview Environments are and what they're good for.


Building a blog with App Router, React Server Components and Tailwind

Steps I took to build out a blog with Next.js App Router, React Server Components and Tailwind.


Building a new website with Next.js 14 and App Router

Detailing the process of rebuilding my website from Gatsby to Next.js.


Creating your first Application in Release with Docker Compose

A walk through of creating an Application in Release from a repository with a Docker compose file.


Cache Bundle Install with BuildKit

How to use Buildkit's mount cache to reduce bundle install times during Docker builds.


How Release Uses Action Cable and Redux Toolkit

A look at how we use Action Cable and Redux Toolkit to provide realtime UI updates.


Webhook Authentication Learnings for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket

What I learned from implementing Gitlab support at Release and how I refactored our Rails code to support all three providers.


First Year At An Early Stage Startup (Release)

The day to day of an early stage start up can take on many forms. I just finished up my first year and wanted to my share my experiences.


Cutting Build Time In Half with Docker’s Buildx Kubernetes Driver

Our migration from a home rolled Docker builder to using Docker's Buildkit and Buildx tools.