Building a blog with App Router, React Server Components and Tailwind

Steps I took to build out a blog with Next.js App Router, React Server Components and Tailwind.


Building a new website with Next.js 14 and App Router

Detailing the process of rebuilding my website from Gatsby to Next.js.


Creating your first Application in Release with Docker Compose

A walk through of creating an Application in Release from a repository with a Docker compose file.


Cache Bundle Install with BuildKit

How to use Buildkit's mount cache to reduce bundle install times during Docker builds.


How Release Uses Action Cable and Redux Toolkit

A look at how we use Action Cable and Redux Toolkit to provide realtime UI updates.


Webhook Authentication Learnings for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket

What I learned from implementing Gitlab support at Release and how I refactored our Rails code to support all three providers.


First Year At An Early Stage Startup (Release)

The day to day of an early stage start up can take on many forms. I just finished up my first year and wanted to my share my experiences.


Cutting Build Time In Half with Docker’s Buildx Kubernetes Driver

Our migration from a home rolled Docker builder to using Docker's Buildkit and Buildx tools.


Secure Docker Authentication with Pass on Alpine Linux

If you've ever encountered the above message when logging into Docker and thought to yourself 'Well it’s unencrypted but it works... I'll deal with it another day' then we've got something in common.


GitHub Action to upload SimpleCov Coverage Results

I've been playing around with Actions ever since and one of my new projects, a Ruby Gem, didn't have any form of CI as of this morning. I set out to create an Action that would run the tests for the gem and produce coverage results via SimpleCov.


Authenticate GitHub's Webhooks API using Elixir's Plug

Recently, I started working on a new side project in Elixir and I think I've finally found something I'm going to stick with; a service where we are required to add a label to our Pull Requests and a Slack channel is notified that the PR is ready to be reviewed


My First Ten Years; My Next Ten Years

I started reminiscing on all I had learned over the past ten years and decided I wanted to write a brief summary of my journey to becoming a Software Engineer and what I hope to accomplish moving forward.


Postgresql Docker Image with Seeded Data

Recently, I decided that one of my goals for 2019 was to familiarize myself more with Docker. I've been exposed to using Docker for the past couple of years, but I don't use it on a day to day basis.


Update - Ruby Gem Dockerfile with Alpine Linux

I realized that we are always using Ruby Alpine images, and not the base Ruby image. I wanted to standardize the Dockerfiles I had written at work and here for the blog so I decided to look into what it would take to do so.


Adding a Test Environment to the Active Record Rake Tasks Gem

Set up a testing environment that can be run locally and in a repeatable fashion for continuous integration


Adding Rails G Migration To a Gem - Following Code To Re-Implement Functionality

The process I went through to figure out what was needed; I believe it is good exercise in understanding how to follow code to and understanding what it takes to re-implement functionality.


Adding ActiveRecord Rake Tasks to a Gem

Instead of having to create a Rails application and install the gem to connect to the database to test your models, we can create local database for only the gem by adding ActiveRecord's Rake tasks.


Connect To Another Rails Application's Database Through A Gem

I was recently thinking about system design, specifically the monolithic vs microservices approaches and how applications can talk to each other.


Getting Started - Another Attempt at Blogging

A new year, a new attempt at blogging!