As a Software Engineer I have taken projects from initial idea to completion on my own as well as within a team. I have led projects as an engineer but also managed ticket writing and prioritization. I highly value collaboration and insights from my colleagues.


Ruby on Rails
React / Next.js

Work Experience


March, 2020 - Current

Founding Engineer

  • Migrated build system to Buildkit which reduced build times by 50% and unlocked horizontal scaling
  • Wrote tool to translate Docker compose files into Release Application Template YAML (similar to kompose)
  • Built a webhook processing system to ingest and normalize webhooks from GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket. After normalization, trigger pipelines to carry out tasks such as creating new environments or triggering deploys to existing environments
  • Rebuilt UI using Next.js, Typescript, and GraphQL. Modernized the look of the site with Chakra UI. Reduced cold page load times by an average of 20% but also took advantage of SWR strategy to make subsequent navigation instantaneous


January, 2014 - September, 2019

Software Engineer II-IV

  • Built iOS app for a new Sell My Car initiative; including backend work with Ruby on Rails
  • Worked on an internal tool (Ruby on Rails / React) which replaced a week long manual ETL process of car data. The tool processed data from a daily feed while providing the ability to manage and deploy the transformed data multiple times a day (700% increase)
  • Rebuilt the New Car traffic funnel ($200m/yr business at the time) using Ruby on Rails / React. Ran extensive A/B tests on each funnel step to ensure NFE did not drop. Reduced page load times from 3 seconds to sub 1 second (300% increase)


June, 2012 - December, 2013

Software Engineer

  • Built an iOS app to give car dealers a mobile first experience using CarWoo!
  • Transitioned to working on the main CarWoo! website, learning Ruby on Rails
  • Built an Account Manager dashboard powered by a nightly job running a MySQL query collecting events
  • Rebuilt a high traffic page by gathering empirical evidence on issues customers were facing


B.S. Computer Science - Cum Laude